APC Used Donald Duke’s Photo As A Young Boy In Tinubu’s Documentary

Reactions as APC used Donal Duke photos for Tinibu Documentary

Below are Nigerians reactions

As share by a twitter users, @mindset_tweet he wrote
I am the boy in the picture, not Tinubu as they claimed in their documentaries. That photo was taken when I was 12 years old during my school years at the Federal government College Sokoto, in Sokoto State”
~Donald Duke

As share by a twitter users, @mexx4me he wrote
Everyone should guard their childhood pictures jealously. Tinubu and his urchins are looking for any childhood photo to lauder his image and show that he had a childhood. Donald Duke is a victim today. Tomorrow may be you. Vote wisely, #VotePeterObiForPresident2023

As share by a twitter users,@OOlusore he wrote
Bola Tinubu’s Criminality has gotten to the point of stealing Donald Duke’s Childhood Picture.
Some Agbado Boys and Girls will still defend this act.
May you all receive SENSE!

August Peter
As share by a twitter users, @AugustPeter10 he wrote
Replying to
Please don’t use this picture too. Donald duke must be protected

Aku-N’esi-Obi-Ike (I)
As share by a twitter users,@Makavelli275 he wrote
“As it stands, PDP has already lost 70% of S/Eastern, and maybe, 50% of S/South votes to Peter Obi of the Labour Party”
—Fmr. Governor of Cross Rivers State, Donald Duke.

Official Eddie
As share by a twitter users,@edet_inah he wrote
Imagine the level of shamelessness of the APC. Now they’ve stolen the picture of my former Governor, Donald Duke and dashed it to BAT. Tahhhh!!! God forbid BAT thing. These people never get tired of embarrassing themselves.

As share by a twitter users,@elonchorch he wrote
has it gotten to the point of stealing a picture of Donald Duke to use and launder image of your drug criminal?
Where was Tinubu when Donald Duke was living a drug free life?

Effiong John #MyPeterObi🇳🇬
As share by a twitter users,@DrEffiong_John he wrote
The only thing that is true about Amoda is the fact that he’s a drug lord. No one can dispute that fact
I hope Donald Duke sues the hell out of him!

🥂 Saviola 🥂
As share by a twitter users,@rivianccy he wrote
APC used Donald Duke’s photo as a young boy in Tinubu’s documentary trying to pass him off as a young BAT. It is quite shameful.



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