IT has been notice that, the presidential candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC) is a drugs Barron

Below are Nigerians reactions

As share by a twitter user, NK£M #PeterObi2023 she wrote
Abike Dabiri’s page is littered with pictures of the Nigerian Pablo Escobar, Bola Tinubu. Coincidentally some weeks ago she shamed Nigerians abroad calling them drug peddlers. Life comes at you really fast ehn

Nigerian Spartan
As share by a twitter user, @multimeverse he wrote
Lol i did some research & noticed that many media didn’t carry peter obi’s rally or even the breaking news from yesterday. It shows something is wrong with the media & that if they can do this to OBi he is the right man.

As share by a twitter user, @OOlusore he wrote
Mr Bola Tinubu,
To prove that your Drug Allegations are Dead as Dodo, travel to the US and meet with FBI and the Court that released the documents and finally sue them for Defamation of Character.

Musa Dawa
As share by a twitter user,@Dawa911 he wrote
It has been reaffirmed that Bola Ahmed Tinubu has sold drugs and forfeited properties in Chicago. #TinubuTheDrugDealer
He shouldn’t be president of Nigeria by all means because Agberos like Mc Oluomo will take over the affair of Nigeria which is detrimental to you.

NK£M #PeterObi2023
As share by a twitter user, @Nkemchor_ she wrote
Use the hashtag #TinubuTheDrugDealer in tweeting your thoughts about the disgraceful situation the APC Presidential candidate has brought on Nigeria. Let the world know we will never celebrate criminals and Bola Tinubu will never be President of Nigeria!

NK£M #PeterObi2023
As share by a twitter user, @Nkemchor_ she wrote
Pablo Escobar
Bola Tinubu
Amoda Ogunlere
All I can say is God Forbid BAT Things

As share by a twitter user,@NelOsuji he wrote
You call yourself a devout Christian or Muslim, everyday you are tweeting and retweeting one bible or Koran verse on your timeline yet you support #TinubuTheDrugDealer for President , you are deceiving yourself, not God, not me!

As share by a twitter user,@AnitaIhesie he wrote
Bola Tinubu succeeded in becoming a governor in Nigeria even after his past dealings, that wasn’t enough, he proceeded to sit on the Treasury of Lagos State. That wasn’t enough, now he wants the No 1 position in Nigeria? IT WON’T HAPPEN!

Olayinka Afolabiyi FULLY OBIDIENT
As share by a twitter user, @ajamu86 he wrote
His real name is unknown, his educational background is unknown, his real siblings are unknown, his real parents are unknown the source of his stupendous wealth is unknown and his origin is known. Everything about him is shrouded in misery



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