Who else has noticed that every beginning of the month, zenith bank ATM is always having network issue. Zenith Bank
fix dis issue, you’re not a baby in the industry, pay your staffs well to avoid brain drain, japa is on the high. This applies to all financial institutions in the country.</strong

Below are Nigerians reactions

pastors son
Zenith bank abeg refund me my money … it almost 2month now. I go carry Una go court ooo

Zenith Bank owed me for more than one year over a failed transaction. It eventually took a couple of emails to ZenithDirect with the Bank’s CEO in copy before I got the necessary attention. The CEO assigned two people to my case, and it got resolved within minutes.

𝓑𝓲𝓰 𝓙 🚀
Zenith Bank staffs are actually removing people’s money when they’re broke.

VIDEO: Policewoman Accuses Colleague Of Assault In Osun

A policewoman, Olorunsogo Bamidele, has accused a colleague, Matthew Ajayi, of assault and blackmail.

Tinubu #30BG CCTV Abati Zenith Bank 2nd November EFCC #StopthePropaganda Nigerians Onitsha Wickedness Eko Hotels Asiwaju

Chinweuba Emmanuel
To @KashimSM
, this Catherine Uju Ifejika she is a woman from ogidi in anambra state. She is richer than top 5 richest men in borno state combined togather. While you were still counting money for customers in zenith bank, @peterobi
was already a bank CEO. If not for politics,

Dozie PhD, FRM
A candidate that will not attend a public summit organized for presidential candidates but prefers to organize his own where he controls everything, should go and set a private company and leave the presidency of Nigeria alone.
Jim Ovia Zenith Bank Onitsha Borno

It’s like all the IT guys at Zenith Bank have all ‘japa-ed’.
Because i see no reason why a sensible bank will always be in the news for network failure almost every day?
We know what to do.

Anambra 1st son💭
It is only in Nigeria that a Bank staff will insult Bank owner and people will clap!
Shettima was a staff of Zenith bank when Mr Peter obi was sitting as Chairman and director of more than 3 banks.
JIM Ovia his boss would be so sad in having the Boko Haram sponsor as a staff.




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