Health Benefit Of Eggs In Human Body

Egg is very good in human health, most people like eating raw egg, some people like eating boll egg, but all the same

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First Doktor
This week, we do:

– 2 eggs daily
– Sleep 7-9 hours daily
– Take a walk in nature
– Eat at least 1 fruit a day
– Climb stairs, avoid the lift
– Get 30 mins of sunlight daily
– Drink 2-3 litres of water daily
– Spend time with family/loved ones

Jay in Kyiv
Russians killed 800,000 chickens at this massive farm in Sviatohirsk, Donetsk Region by shooting, grenades, starvation during their occupation.

The farm was producing 500,000 eggs/day before the war.

this innocuous post about microwaving eggs and thinking they’re great has every type of twitter response in it. it’s incredible.

Today Years Old
Today I learned about the Dasypeltis egg-eating snake. They swallow eggs whole, drink the yolk, and regurgitate the shell. Everything reminds me of her.

Lew Anno Yieretz Israel
Russia destroyed one of the most powerful producers of eggs: almost 1 million birds died

Since May 1, the Rashists have been regularly shelling the “Fenix” poultry farm in the Slavyansky district of the Donetsk region, which was one of the most powerful in the region – /1

“I’m going to eat six eggs in one sitting” perverse behavior, for gastons only “I have added mayonnaise and mustard to the yolks” normal behavior, celebrated culturally

Mechanical Shed
Thank you to everyone who came to the Ghost Train premiere! Here’s the illustration from the prologue 😀

Yes, I hopped on board the ‘Billy being a W&S engine’ trend. I snuck several easter eggs in that video. Anyone care
to guess who Billy’s voice is based on?

Numanyiel ن
Yes life begins at conception.

Yes fertilized eggs fail to implant.

Yes that means a new & unique human life ended as soon as it began.

No that doesn’t make it ok for you to dismember your child in an abortion.

I didn’t think this was difficult to understand but here we are.

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ally (is on my vigilante shit)
my hot take for the swiftie fandom is that i don’t think most of her easter eggs are that deep. most of them just reference her past work or hint at name of something for future work. i don’t think we were meant to dissect her life as much as some people do.

Trad West
Reject the Cringe Eggs
(you will never be real eggs)

Ovulation is scary.😫 it will have you thinking you miss someone, kanthe no your eggs are just looking to be fertilised



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