What People Are Saying About Marriage That Will Motivate You

Marriage is a honorable thing, but people view will make you know how relevant is marriage
Below are Nigerians views

Itu Tudu
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Some of us are happily married,but when we tell people we are Happy they think we are lying because most people think every marriage is a disaster, full of problems,I guess I am one of the few people who are still happily married ❤️12 years now ❤️ #ForeverMaybe

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Hence most people in happy marriages and relationships don’t talk about it. Keep quiet and enjoy your marriage is peace. Some people don’t like beautiful thjngs, they thrive on chaos and misery.

Phelisa Tyali
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I’m a sucker for love. Hearing this statement coming from a man makes me to ask God to continue to bless your union. We need people like you and your wife to show others marriage is about what you put in and should be mutual and bonded / bind by pure love and honesty.

John Doe
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Wow! I go love oooo. ❤️❤️.

Happy birthday to your amazing wife. May her days be long. May she continue to cook those amazing delicacies for you. May she continue to be a good mother & wife to you. May all her all dreams come through & may your marriage continue to thrive.



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