Nigerians Reactions Toward Apc Muslim Muslim Ticket

The issues of Muslim Muslim ticket have been the talk of Nigerian on the internet

Below are Nigerians comments

Olubukola Adedeji
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A Fulani Muslim running to succeed another Fulani Muslim and to usher in 16 years rule by Fulani Muslim is not a lesser evil to a Muslim-Muslim ticket. They are both equally evil and are a vicious attack on our fragile unity. They are both existential threat everyone must resist.

Winnie Labelle
Replying to
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You believe the sexual unifire has good leadership skills? The same man that set his party on fire?

Hey M
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Muslim privilege in Nigeria is something. Because no party will ever dare think of flying a Christian-Christian ticket. Azin it will never cross any mind.

But here we are, trying to rationalize why the Muslim Muslim ticket is not problematic and in fact progressive.



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