The Latest Range Rover That Got People Talking


If It Might Interest You To Know Why People Are Talking About This Range Rover.

Below Are Nigerians Reactions

As Share by @oku_yungx
My own is all these married men wey dey buy Range Rover and Benz for side chicks, i hope y’all actually take care of your wives too.

That dude disrespected himself & family by exchanging words / destroying the car.

There are 1000 ways around these o.

As Share by @Ejuraa_
Imagine seeing your husband vandalizing the range he bought for his side chick/fighting his side chick on Snapchat and you still drive a 2010 Toyota Camry in Canada

Replying to
As Share by @Ejuraa_
Lol. Men will shame and disrespect you.
But what was he thinking though?
She has her own life na abi the guy is planning to marry her?.

Na cheats dey cry cheat pass.



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