Nigerians React As Ooni Of Ife Marring A 6 Wife

Recently, there have been a trending news that the Ooni of Ife will be getting married to a new wife, she will be the (Six) 6th wife so far.

Below are Nigerians reactions

As Share by A Twitter user, @yabaleftonline he wrote.
Ooni of Ife’s new Queen reveals the demeaning statement a man made about her that pushed her to ask God for a blessing that will shock people.

As Share by A Twitter User, Mr. [email protected]_bonga he wrote.
Most Nigerian women hate polygamy only if it comes from someone who is strugglingly poor. Once the man is rich, polygamy isn’t a problem to them. Ooni of Ife has taken this polygamy to a different levels. He is on wife number 6 currently and there could be many on their way.

As Shared by A Twitter user, @lolaofabuja Lola of Abuja she wrote.
I’m learning from this Ooni’s marriage marathon that women are the greatest enablers of patriarchy. How do you let someone acquire 6 of you in 1 year? Are you a handbag, sis?.



As Share by A Twitter user, @musaxv Mr We$t he wrote.
What’s funny about this Ooni of Ife thing is that he’s picking educated & well to do women, so nobody can even use the excuse of “it’s because they’re not exposed”.




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