The Danger Of Making Call In Fuel Station

By Ezekiel Abang,

It is commonly refer to as danger in making call when you are in fuel station, it has been emphasized authoritatively by the fuel station operators, that no one is allowed to make or received call when trying to buy fuel in a particular fuel station. Smartphone contain a certain amount of heat, as fuel is highly inflammable also, so the process by which one is making call in a fuel station can cause serious explosion, in that particular fuel station and more life and properties can be lost during this process.

Although, recently many people are beginning to take caution each time the enter filling station to buy fuel, there have been a case like this in outside country, but we are yet to confirm such in our local area. But however, it is common that using phone while turning fuel into generator, can cause explosion due to closeness and some people are ignorant on this area.

Few news reporters, reported that, majority of fuel station operators are still maintaining strong caution in their filling stations, as to cut down the effect of fire outbreak in the station. Preventive  measures have been practiced, in almost all the fuel station today. However, it is recommended that, the station operators should have a write up like, NO SMOKING  HERE, PLEASE DON’T MAKE CALL HERE, TURN OF THE ENGINE.

looking for a cure to reduce explosion of any kind, is more-of  warning  customers to avoid coming to buy fuel alongside  with their smartphone. However, a spark from a smartphone can cause fire outbreak if  it’s closer to fuel. Hence the use of smartphone should solely be on caution, if you notice your smartphone is ringing when you are inside the fuel station, what you should do at that point is, silence the phone, move out from the station and answer your call. Peradventure you work in to the fuel station and see some one making call, and nothing happen, please don’t think of doing the same.

Exception of smartphone, is there any electronic device that can cause fire outbreak in a fuel station?, or what other ways could cause fire outbreak in a fuel station?, there are many factors that can cause fire outbreak in a fuel station, (a.) constant heat on fuel tank, this is also another way that can cause fire outbreak in a fuel station, that’s why before building a fuel station, the expert need to inspect your fuel station if it’s up to the standard required.


Using smartphone in fuel station or other components that’s related to crude oil, like gas, petrol, diesel, kerosene,  etc. Can trigger fire outbreak in a fuel station, for example, if a customer is on call, 10 to 15 meters away from the pump attendance, even if there is any necked wire it wont cause any explosion. But in a case whereby there is a lick current while the pump attendance is pumping fuel, and a customer is making call, that process can cause explosion. But if all the wires are okay, and in good condition, it will be rare for such to occur.



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