The Latest Android Phones

By Ezekiel Abang,

What is the best Android phone? according to the result of a smartphone study, apple 12 was the best Android phone as early 2021, it was named the best phone of the year due to the annual report from the consumers. You might begin to wonder which brand of phone is good, but i tell you this, everything depends on how you manage it. If you like buy the best phone in the world, maltreat the phone and then tell me the result if the phone will serve you as suppose.

Below are the brand of phones consider as the latest phone of the year

1. IPHONE 12 and 13: iPhone 13 regenerated from Apples company, there are the best phone brand in the world, apple has four types of iPhone 12, apple iPhone 12, apple iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max. however, if you want shine above your equal, apple phone is there to give you what you want, not only the attractive and shiny design, there are many things that is interesting about apple phone. Apple phone also have large internal space, which will enable you save more musics and video. With all these varieties iPhone is still maintaining it’s standard of production.

2. SAMSUNG :this Samsung Galaxy s21 comes with dual sim card it also use android operational system, it enable you brows with a very fast internet connection it been supported with 2g 3g 4g and 5g as well.Samsung Galaxy s21 has more testable features the phone in question is 6.8 inches with extremely good resolution of 1440x 3200 and a pixel density of 515.

It comes with 4 camera on the back of the phone, it also have a finger print on the back, the camera has a build in flash which enable you to pictures in a distance are.

3. Huawei: P40 it is good in taking photos and video in addition to this particular brand of phone, it come with 128 GB of internal space and 6 GB ram. There are many brand of latest phones that is trending now, but we wish to discus about these few at a moment.

4. INFINIX NOTE 12i: this brand of infinix phone was officially release on april 12 2022, this brand of smartphone is superb, it’s powered by mediatek MT671 Helio A22, ROM-4GB RAM -50MP, 8mpselfie. Battery capacity 5000mAh, current price in Nigeria #114,500. infinix note 12i comes with a bigger screen than infinix hot 11 play, finger print by the left hand side of the phone, it’s the trending smartphone online now. This phone charger is super powerful, the charger drag current at the rate of one percent per mint, which means, if you maintain your original charger, you will really enjoyed your phone battery for longer time. Hence, charging it up to 100 hundred percent will not be a difficult tasks. If you really want to enjoyed this phone battery for long, please don’t share your charger.


You know as day break, technology is improving their standard, and life is becoming more affordable than before, there are many latest phone one can think of, it your choice that will give the best among all of them, but the above listed will serve you better if you consider any of them.



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