Ways You Can Turn Off Your Android Phone Without Power Button

By Ezekiel Abang,

You might be angry because your smartphone power button is bad, we are here to give you some tips that will enable you off and on your android phone, when once you find yourself in such condition. If the phone power key dose not work for any cause, there are numerous ways¬† to which¬† you can turn off your android phone. All smartphone have a dedicated power button to enable the phone off and on, but when all effort to restarting the phone is been proven meaningless, that’s when this idea you are about to learn come to existence, one can only make emergency calls if you are in this type of condition.

If in any case the smartphone power button is loose or spoil, you will find it difficult to make use of your smartphone until you are able to fixed it. Although most android phone was produce with dependable key, but if not properly handle it can still be injure. However if you have an android phone that you were not using it again, you can remove the power button and replace, but you might not be able to fixed it yourself, that’s when you will need a phone repairer.

This issues is very common in our environment, where you see someone trying to use an office pin to press the injured power button, but android phone can be turn off and on without pressing the power button, there are many hidden methods you can use to turn off and on your smartphone.

below are the ways you can turn off and on your smartphone without power button

Click on the phone setting.

when you come across this kind of issues you should always remember to check your phone setting,

1. Power off system:

2. Power menu
button and gesture press and hold the power button:

3. Power button end calls:

4. Power button instantly locks
system > accessibility:

5. Auto power saving
automatically switch to the appropriate resolution without been display < advanced> resolution.

6. double click the power button
button and gesture:

7. Press and hold the power button
button and gesture:

8. scheduled power button

If you click on the phone setting as shown above you will, definitely find solution to your smartphone problem as regard to the power button. You will see all the setting inline with what you are looking for, as we have discus above there are many ways you can solve this particular issues, not until you visits as phone technician, do yourself a favour by clicking on each of them.


Having issues with your power button is a normal thing, that can happen to any electronics device, but it is not the end of your life. The issues about electronic device need absolute carefulness, and understanding. If you handle your smartphone with caution and good maintenance culture you will hardly face this kind of challenges, however, you will not regret reading this article because it will serve as a helping tools to you in times of want.



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