The Effect Of Anti-Virus In Smartphone

By Ezekiel Abang,

In the early days, when we did have Android phone similar issues like was not rampant, but now you hardly flash your phone, just because it not been infected with virus, yes it a good thing because phone repairer need to eat, if your phone is not infected, how then did you want them to excel in their area of specialization. You will learn a lot from this article as we proceed.

For easy flexible of your smartphone you need to find this app on google play store and download it into your smartphone, it really helps to detect any fault you might encounter at the process of maybe receiving files from another device. Some times, you feel as if your smartphone is not running fast, virus can be the problem, what you need to do at point is, click on the anti-virus in your phone it will scan your phone and automatically detect what was wrong with your smartphone. Or in case you want to keep off virus from infecting your smartphone, avoid receiving files from other device, learn to download your app from play store direct, even app downloaded through play store will be automatically scan by anti-virus before installed in your device.

How to know if your phone is infected with virus:

1. Switch off on it own:

2. Slow in browsing:

3. Pressing on it own:

4. malfunctioning:

5. dialing numbers on it’s own:

Below are the full details;

1. Switch off on it own

This is one of the major ways to which smartphone can be infected with virus, most time, some smartphone user will not know, thinking maybe their phone is bad or something serious have happen to their phone, But it might interest you to know that you phone have contaminated wit virus.

2. Slow in browsing

In fact you will need a high ram of phone to enable you stable in the internet, but in a process where your phone is 6GB RAM, and is still unable to gain access to internet as expected, such could be cause by virus.

3. Pressing on it own

Have you ever experience this before, leaving your smartphone inside your bad, and you later realize that your phone is making calls on its on, or playing music even touching unnecessarily, virus can be the cause of that.

4. malfunctioning

5. Dialing number on it’s own: if your smartphone is infected with virus you will start seeing this kind of issues, like your phone dialing numbers on itself, what to is that, go to google play store and download antivirus installed in your smartphone, run a scan, automatically it will detect any virus in your smartphone.

Smartphone infected with virus can do so many unexpected things, like making unusual noise, deleting some content inside the phone memory, difficult in making calls, difficult to open most of the apps, even when you restart the phone, yet is not really given you what you want.


Simple matters can make you abandon your phone, unknown to you that virus can cause your phone to malfunction, if you fellow this steps you will find a lasting solution to your phone.



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