Why Does My Phone Consumes Data?



By Ezekiel Abang,

Now, we are going to explain the factors that contribute to the high rate of data consumption, most phone users are just buying data at random. Although it depend on what you are using your data for at a moment, because there are so many apps installed in your phone that is not really needful, so as a result of unwanted apps, you will encounter high rate of data consumption. In this article we will understand how to restrict our data.


Below are the reasons why your phone consume a lot of data

1. Downloading unnecessary files majority of smartphone users spend up to #10,000 within the space of 2 weeks, may be due to what they do online, and i might be profitable. It better when you buy a data bundle that suppose to last you for 1 month, but due to excessive downloading of games and music.

2. sharing data with a PC that does not restrict it’s background data: imagine you went into a cafe to print out some documents, may be the computer there is using given them issues with network connection, since you are in a hurry, you decided to share your data just to finish your work fast, it could be that PC did not restrict it background data, with this you will encounter high rate of data consumption.

Sometimes, we forget to off our data when not in use, even keeping our wifi on as at when not necessary, in as much as your data is not restricted, i put it to you that you will be facing data consumption issues. Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, messenger, YouTube etc, consume a lot of data, in that case what you need to do is, go to your settings on your Android device, click on sim card and mobile network, it will direct you to data settings and data usage, click on it, you will see all the apps in your smart phone, click on the Apps one after another, you will see options, click on mobile data and wifi, you will see background data click off.

Another factors that also contribute to high rate of data consumption, is when your notification is always on, to reduce the consumption, minimize all your Apps, and off all the notification botton. How will you feel, if you buy 1GB hoping that it will last you for about two weeks, but after 3 days, you find out that your data is exhausted, you will feel cheated.

That’s the most reasons why we should apply this idea, of limiting our data consumption, by restricting your background data, it will assist you cut down your daily expenses and make good use of your data. Sharing of data, can also contribute data consumption, if you are using smartphone to share data with laptop computer, and that laptop background data is not restricted you will pass through this same issue.


Using smart phone without restricting your background data might case you pains, the above illustration listed, will assist you a lot. Buying data everyday, or more than when necessary is not really encouraging. delete any Apps that is not useful to you in your smart phone.



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