Amazing Things About Android Phone And Botton phone

By Ezekiel Abang,

Communication has really improved, through the use of handset, in early 1977 handset came into existent but it wasn’t in circulation like now. Almost everyone have the need for handset, however, it was very costly by then, but few rich people where able to afford handset. We will be disclosing amazing things about botton phone and android phone vasically Andriod phone can scan file before sending to the receiving device, but botton phone can not do likewise but when it comes to sending of text messages and calls, the do the same tasks.

Phone was formally called, handset because we make use of handset through our hands. It was small in size, but has a lot of tasks to carry out, in early 1999,2000 average families in the world were able to buy handset but only used by the parents alone.

Below are the difference between botton phone and android phone

difference in Botton Phones.

1. No internet:

2.It’s has botton:

3.No Apps found:

4. Not track-able:

5. Unable to hack:

Android Phone

1. It’s has multiple Apps:

2. Easy to track:

3. chatting:

4. Use for saving documents:


1. No internet:  Botton phone is unable to assess internet due to the low ram, and there was no idea of data as at then.

2. It’s has botton:  civilization we all know is part of education, phones like, Nokia E63, Nokia 210, births, Motorolla, etc. many of them has botton. The above mention phones was firstly introduce in phone market, before we now have like, infinix phone, iphone phone, Samsung phone, techno phone, etc.

3. No Apps:  Botton phones doesn’t use apps it was only specifically for calls, browsing the internet was very slow, as to compare with android phone.

4. Not track-able: talking about tracking phone, except your phone have IME number before it can be trackable.

difference in Android phones

1.  It’s has multiple Apps:  Android phone was produce in such a way that, it can contain large files and apps, each of those app has it own roles to play in a phone, android phone play very vital rules in our present generation.

2.  Easy to track:  Android phone is easy trackable because there is IME number inside the phone, and also in the phone manual, thats why when your phone is stolen you can easily find your phone location and possible track it.

3. Use for chatting: 
Android phone serve you as a means of communication, not only calls alone, one can chat with his love one both home and abroad, spreading of information saving of data’s, etc.

4.  Use for saving documents: 
in Android phone, WPS OFFICE serve as a saver for document.


There are many difference in botton phone and Android phone, but above listed is the little we have discus now, android phone have really expand human ideas, activities, and behavior’s. In botton phone there is botton, meanwhile in Android phone there is no botton, we now use finger to touch on the screen of andriod phone, any direction you want the phone to function at, just swipe your finger toward that direction, it will move immediately.



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