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By Ezekiel Abang,

Currently, android phone users wouldn’t have enjoyed their smart phones without the installation of these applications, Smart phone was invented for many purposes, such like, calls, text messages, internet browsing, music, etc.But apps real improved the usefulness of smart phone, am going to analyze more on these apps and their functions respectively.

Below are the apps that we will be discussing about

1. Whatsapp:

2. Messenger:

3. Facebook:

4. Google:

5. Play store:

6. Bolt App:

7. Breaking news:

8. True caller App:

9.G mail:

10. Opera news:

11. Twitter:

12.WPS office:

13. Uba mobile App:

14. YouTube:

1. Whatsapp: This app is very useful to smart phone users, it enable them carry out so many tasks online, it is another means of communication to people, smart phone use the internet to send messages, image, audio, or even send video. whats app will require you save the persons contact in your phone whatsapp is very safer than text messages, why because your conversation will have a back up with your google account.

2. Messenger: Messenger is and android app that helps Nigerian to communicate with their love once through charting, It really serve as a means of communication, it enable people communicate both home and abroad. The use of messenger has really improve online discussion. you can communicate with people even if you don’t have data on your android phone.

3. Facebook: Facebook is an app that enhance communication worldwide,This app is one of the fastest mean of communication but the funny thing about Facebook is that, If you don’t have data you cant gain access to the internet unlike messenger, Facebook is a social media networking that give more room for people to connect with their love once, work associate, Facebook user can share opinion views ideas, Facebook can helps business people to find their customer and make sales online, It also enable customer to like and share you posts.

4. Google app: google is an app well equip for all kinds of business across the glob,it is a web site that have answers to all questions as far as online is concern google app help smart phone user to fine simple answers to their it enable business people to collaborate and work as a team.

5. Play store: Play store will enable you have a good view about any app of your choice In the internet, there are millions apps that can enalbe your smart phone function well, without play store smart phone users will be having difficulties in installing app, Play store made it easy and comfortable for one to install any app of his choice provided you have data in your phone, any smart phone with a strong internet connection will gain access to play store.

6. Bolt App: Lately 2012 movement from one place to another was very had, you cant place an order at the comfort of your office or home, except you work out to the main road, before you can gain access to taxi or bus,but in early 2013 bolt app landed in Logos, started their operation they, expanded to Benin, Calabar, Ibadan, Abuja, Oweri, etc. now bolt drivers are almost every where in our country, through the help of Markus Villig the founder of bolt app, movement is very easy and affordable, one can make order within few minutes your driver will be at your door step.

7. Breaking news: Breaking news is an app that enable you have access to current and trending news, smart phone users can watch news with their phone online.

8. True caller App: Before now some one can hide his phone number and scam people but since true caller app came people now know who is calling them even when the caller is hidden.

9.G mail: Gmail is an app that enable you have your own email account it helps you to send and received email from you office and even from your business associate.

10. Opera news: a recent research shows that most people likely visit opera news for their latest news updates it encourage you to stay current knowing what is going on in the society.

11. Twitter: Twitter is an app unlike Facebook that helps you to interact with friends share you thoughts, and something meaningful twitter will not function in you smart phone without data.

12.WPS office: This app is more or less like you having a save box in you office, or house it enable you have your document well stored both in PDF which can be transferred as at when necessary.

13. Uba mobile App: This app is just like you going to bank to do some transaction, But currently now it really assist you carryout transaction anywhere, provided there is network, smart phone users are now enjoying with the help of this app mobile banking app has now make it easy for an individual to have access into their account.

14. YouTube: this app has really make people to save a lot of money from buying of television instead people prefer subscribing their smart phone to enable them watch current movie online maybe there can download the movie into their phone.


Apps are very significant to smart phone, without which smart phone user will not really have enjoyed their phone, it really improve life and add more value to smart phone, there are some smart phone that you cant enjoyed without using apps for easy flexibility.



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