Can Phone Distract Teachers In Class Room?

By Ezekiel Abang,


Smart phone and others electronic device has recently become a battle axe in the hand of our teachers in class room, mostly high school, nursery, and primary schools teachers find it difficult to do away with smart phone in class room. Many student are complaining but no change, all along teacher have warn students not to bring phone to school but why cant teachers themself take this correction. Meanwhile there is a little misunderstanding world wide that smart phone has been in constant distraction to teachers in class room, it has been a general issues lately newly research shows that using smart phone in class room can cause teacher to lose focus while teaching.

Smart phone is the main reasons for distraction in the class room, during the lecture some teachers who’s smart phone is close to their disposal can easily be distracted or waste their time instead of teaching the student, presently, almost all the teachers come the lecture hall with their smart phone. Student easily imitate any small thing you do as an adult, some student will go back home and practice what there saw their teachers doing during the lecture time. Instead of them studying their books, however, the decisions of restricting teachers from bringing their smart phone to class room is yet been taken by the school authority, also bringing up a question whether smart phone should be allowed in class room or any technology device to exist in class room, as a learning equipment to students rather been a tools for distraction in class room by teachers, teachers using smart phone to make some research online instead of using text book to prepare the lesion note for the student, this act can also be consider as a distraction also.

When teachers use their smart phone to make calls and text messages, gaining more access to the internet in class room, it cant also lead to distraction too. For those teachers as well as their followed friends, 99% laziness of teachers is generated through the use of smart phone in the class room, the depend so much on smart phone to help them fine solution to any urgent challenge, meanwhile the text book have been omitted.

Sometimes it helps to relate information between teachers and students, however, a well train teacher will avoid bringing smartphone into the class room, even without been told, but if a teacher is playing game when he or she suppose to teach the students, such act should be highly condom by the school authority.


The use of smart phone in class room has recently cause lack of one and one interaction between teachers and student, student are afraid of asking their teachers some question simply because he or she is busy with their phone, for us to have a better educational system in our society, let our teacher and lecturer dismiss the idea of using their smart phone in class room, they should take some quality time and teach our student impact in them knowledge that there really deserve so our society can be a better place.



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