Can I Stop My Child From Using My Phone?

By Ezekiel Abang,

Now, parents spare the cane and spoiled their child because love and affection bestow upon such child, smart phone was for adult not for children not above 18 years, But now, parents loved their children so much to a point whereby, some can buy smart phone for their children as a playing tools. But on the contrary is not advisable for a parent to buy smart phone for a child not above 18 years, you as a parent your equally spoiling that child because children are easily carry away by what there see and touch, we will be explaining how a parent should restrict children from handling their phones article.

If i allowed my child to use my phone what will happen? below are things that might likely happen to such child.

1. The might be expose to negative videos online: generally the world is gradually going to its end, some many people dress the way its fits them, many naked pictures and videos are every way in the internet, a child not above 18 years can immolate easily what he says online.

2. Lose interest in education: when a child start developing much interest in using the parent phone, let the parent advise that child accordingly, let it be that he or she want to use the phone to do a research or something related to his studies, if not so, he can be distracted from his studies.

3. Mount pressure for you to buy them phone: once a child is allow this use the parent phone frequent, definitely there can be use to it, there are some family that there have just one child, and the parent can go to any length just to please that child, so in this case, if such child should demand for a personal cellphone, the parent may decide to make it available.


Children should be restricted from smart phone, because of their future purpose and the negative impact of smart phone, is very surprising, some children even know more about smart phone, than their parents. But yet adult find it difficult to understand that children below 18 years should not be allowed to touch phone. Smart phone influences children positively or negatively. As the effect of this act, the society can be affected as well as families too. Some parents pay more attention to smart phone than their children educational life.

Parent should put a stop to this habit, of giving smart phone to children it can affect them with all these negative pictures going viral online. If you still want your child to be useful to you and the society close watch them very well, some of them know what you do not know in a smart phone. Always hide your smart phone from your children, train them not to touch smart phone. Set a strong password in your smart phone by so doing, there might not be able to open your phone. Put their studies before them, let them see education as their most priority in life. It is your duty to caution and train your child, take off their eyes from smart phone, some children can start stealing the parents money just to buy smart phone, simply because his friend have a phone. Of which it wont bring a good name to the family and the society.


Parent, don’t love your child to a point you cant correct his wrong doing. A child will lock himself inside the room watching porn, to you as a parent he is reading his books or maybe doing his assignment, parent should not spend too much time on their smart phone in front of their children, they will imitate your practical example, by showing the usefulness of smart phone in front of your children. And parents should pay more attention to their children, when they need you especially during meal, and also during their home work. A child should only be given access to smart phone when there are above 18 years.



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