Can Phones Distract People In Church?

By Ezekiel Abang,

In recent time, the younger generation do take things likely such asĀ  going to church with their phones, hence it is not appropriate to be used when not necessary. Imagine a pastor preaching the gospel and someone is busy pressing their phone diverting his/her attention away from the pastor sermon. Why then did you go to church?
If a question should be asked about the sermon preached today, would anyone remember? this is due to the distraction of mobile device’s used in church during sermon.

Phone can distract you in church by these following ways

1. Watching of movie in church

2. Playing of games in church

3. Making of calls in church

4. Surfing of internet in church

5. use of earpiece/air-pod in church

1. Watching of movies ; in church; This particular habit can lead to lost of interest in the word of God, because one may not pay attention to the preacher, so to avoid distractions it is advice to keep your phones at home while going to church.
learning to do away with your smart phone in the presence of God shows more respects to God.Therefore young people pay more attention to their phone rather than listening to the word of God preached in the church, hence mobile devices have become more addicted to young /old.

2. Playing of games; in church; This also a form of distraction whereby people in church take pleasure in playing games while the sermon is going on in church, also while preaching is on going, a lot of members tend to start playing games due to sleep or just personal reasons.These is seen as a sign of disrespect to God and therefore such attitude should be abolished in church.

3. Making of calls in church; The urge or act of making calls in church is rather seen as disrespect to God and should be stopped between the young/old. Regardless how important the call may be, you should excuse yourself from church and step aside to answer your phone call. {calls from family, work, or any form of calls}
A lot of people would prefer to silence/put off their phones due to distractions in church which is seen as the best thing to do as individuals.

4. Surfing of internet in church; Using of smart phones have become a blessing to our generation and has helped expand human knowledge but it can also distract one in the presence of God. When a smart phone interfere with our relationship with God it draws us backward and may make us less concern about the word of God. These is an attitude we should all avoid in church.

5. use of earpiece/air-pod in church; Every Sunday while preparing to go to church lots of youth tend to carry air pods/earpiece to church, now the funny thing is that you see someone using this devices while sermon is going on. This is seen as a nonchalant act among the youth in church and should be stopped immediately as it is seen as form of distraction among the youth in church.


Let us truly respect the time of worship, avoid the use of mobile devices in the church and pay more attention to the preacher and also avoid distractions in church.



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