Can Laptop Distract Students?

By Ezekiel Abang,

Laptop computer is a small device that can assist you do all your online tasks, it help people zoom in the world just at the comfort of their zone. Students in this 21’st century make judiciously used of laptop computer both in school and in their houses, laptop computer create more room for students to study their books very hard, it create more enabling environment to student added more value to educational sectors, both students and lecturers make good used of laptop computer it’s assist them to fine lasting solution to some academic challenges and makes study very easy.

Below are the following ways to which laptop computer distract students

1. Inability to study hard

2. Lack of concentration

3. Lack of reading partner

4. Putting all their confident in laptop

5. Hardly attend class

6. Lack of doing their assignment

7. Watching of movie

1. Inability to study hard; our students this days, fine pleasure in joking with their studies, to some the parents are well to do. So there confidentially depend on their parents money, and having the hope of sharing their fathers wealth, hence there see education less important. But to the serious ones, the make study their most priority in life, also looking forward to make their parents proud of them at all cause, though the journey of going to school. Is not really easy but we most be educated to improve our society and make it a better place for us, there are many dreadfulness things, you will see to take off your eyes from your goals like, sacrifice, pain, hunger, sleepless night, but if you truly want to become useful to the society and even to yourself you truly need to over look all these tasks and forge ahead.

2. Lack of concentration; some serious students take it upon themself to have focus no matter the attempts of distractions at all cost there hold on to themself to study their books very well which it will help them to pass their causes, stop every untold some fellowship with women because most thing that take away the seriousness of some students is women, and clubbing stop any unnecessary friend that does not contribute positively to you future and be serious with you education for this is what will make you stand out among your equal it better for you to study hard as a youth.

3. Lack of reading partner; most time you can find it difficult to read alone, don’t entertain laziness in your academic pursuit learn to engage yourself with a reading partner, it will really help you to make it out in your studies. Some people have the habit of leaving their studies and go out to watch football or engage in paying of games with their laptop, there have abandon their studies, but when its time for them to go and write their exams there look for who to seat with, don’t forget a child that plays with his education hardly have a good future, average children should try and go through the four length of education at least it will help you know how to communicate with people in our society, and even outside. The high level of illiteracy in our society today is not as the result of parent not sending them to school, some parent tried their best within their financial capability to train their children in school but some children turn down the effort of their parent.

4. Putting all their confident in laptop; i must say using your laptop computer to find answers to your assignment, i believe most questions that your lecturers set is from your note book, laptop computer have really make some students brain inactive, because there just believe that they can always run to their computer for quick research and do copy and past, but is not truly the best, you are not grow academically, make good use of your brain to recalled what your lecturer thought you, that’s why you are a student. Laptop computer can only come in when you facing some difficulty may be doing research or even assist you to write and publish you books.

5. Hardly attend class; be sincere to yourself, if you call yourself a students and you don’t like attending classes why then are you a student?. How then will your lecturer know you as his student, most students have the habit of staying at home and call their friends if the class has commence, no it was not like this in our father’s days, if your class is fixed by 8am you most be in school latest 7,50am settle down and wait for your lecturer not the other way round.

6. Lack of doing their assignment ;in education assignment is part of your grade, doing your assignment can enable you have a high grade, even more than your colleges in class. your assignments is recorded 30% while your exams is 70% so if you fail to do your assignment just because of your laptop computer, it means you were never ready for education, learn to be a complete student don’t just run away from educational responsibilities, one day you might become a lecturer and your students don’t like doing their assignment how will you feel?.

7. Watching of movie; especially now that ASUU are on strict student have completely abandon their books even when school was on section they love watching movie that reading their books what will you write when exams comes, you will write Africa magic earl to bed early to wake up was the key that makes student seat up to read at night in our father’s days but now a student can watch movie from 11pm to 5, am, you are not just doing yourself good for there is a time for every thing.


Naturally everything that have advantage must have disadvantage but in this very article we consider the disadvantages of laptop computer in the life a student apply the above mention reasons it will help you study your books for the short period of time that you are in school don’t waste your talent watching movie study hard so you can make a better future.



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