How Can My Phone Serve Me Longer?

By Ezekiel Abang,

Most people do wonder, how and why their phones does not last long. Suddenly, it started malfunctioning and coming up with lots of issues. And that’s exactly what I’m going to discuss, I’m going to discus about why phones do not last, and how to make it last. The explanation will go accordingly, because, before knowing how to preserve something you must have already known what can destroy it and why?, that’s same thing with our phones before knowing how to maintain it, I must let you know whats diminishes our phones durability causing it’s quick malfunctioning over a very short period of time.

Reasons why phones don’t serve as long as expected:

The problem isn’t from the phone at times, the problem of the phone is as a result of the individual handling the phone. People handle phones in veracious manners that are not right and should be taken a very good look at. So here are some of the reasons why phones are not able to serve it’s owners in long term.

1. Low storage

2. Low phone capacity

3. Installation of harmful apps and files

4. Over pressing

5. Lack of proper handling ethics

6. Charging while pressing

1. Low storage: Installation of apps and files that are larger than the phones storage is a factor which contributes greatly to a short term live of phone. For example having a phone of about 16GB storage and go about downloading apps of 5 to 6GB in that device, you are therefore inviting more harm than good to that device.

2. Low phone capacity: This has to do with the RAM of the phone that is the strength of the phone, how much apps the phone can carry and how properly it can function. Apps with screen and picture background of 30fbs and above are not advice-able for phones of 2GB RAM and below. Installation of such apps which has such high frequency stronger than that which the phone can carry could damage the phones operating system directly, thereby shortening the lifespan of the device.

3. Installation of harmful apps and files: What are these harmful apps and files? This are apps or files that haven’t been processed and thoroughly checked. Why is it necessary to have these apps checked on? VIRUS. Virus has the ability to destabilize completely the functioning system of phone, it often result to losing of important files due to some viruses which causing automatic memory wipe off a device entire storage system.

4. Over pressing: Constant pressing of the phone without giving it a time off also contributes greatly to short-lived phones especially devices with 2GB RAM and below its affects the functioning system of the device which has low durability.

5. Lack of proper handling ethics: Phones are not plastic or rubber, their breakable materials and should be treated as such, various people handle their phones carelessly and end up blaming the phone or the producers. Mean while he /she is actually the one at fault. These are the ways one can handle a device carelessly:

a) Keeping it on a sloppy surface then it slides and falls, constant hitting of the phone on the ground is very
harmful and an unhealthy manner of handling.

b) Exposure to sunlight, is another factor that affects phones. The ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun is very
harmful to the device.

c) Exposure to liquid is very harmful, and it is the perfect and fastest way to damage a device.

6. Charging while pressing: This alone isn’t just harmful to the phone but to the user also. This particular act often result to explosion. Don’t use your device to do anything while on light. if the is anything so important disconnect it from the electricity before using to preserve the life and battery of your phone.


So, you have understand most of the reasons your phone never lasted as long as you needed it to. And I hope that with this few point of mine i have been able to make it clear to you, so stop blaming your device or its producers, for its current malfunctioning. Instead blame yourself with that, with time your device will last as long as you want.



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