Can Power Bank Replace Phone Battery?

By Ezekiel Abang,

Power bank is a electronic device capable of charging smartphones battery, power bank can never replace phone battery. Because it have a stipulated time to off, when the current is exhausted. Power bank are of many types, and difference categories. It contain a particular amount of electric current, it has the ability to power any device within the range of it capacity, like smartphone, ear pod, Bluetooth, etc. Power bank itself can also be charge.

Smart phone users embrace power bank as second alternative, to enable them used their phones, pending when electricity will be restored. It enable smartphone users to always have another source to power their smartphone, due to lack of steady power supply in our environment. At first so many people did not embrace the use of power bank, reasons it will damage their smartphone battery fast, but now, so many people are beginning to see the usefulness of power bank in society.

Power bank has it own separate rules to play in the life of smartphone, it can never to be compare with smartphone battery. Power bank has a short time to sustain electric current, meanwhile phone battery can save current up to 3, 4 days, what really destroyed our smartphone battery is bad charger. If the original phone charger is bad forget about it, except you are lucky to buy original charger, your battery issues begins from they, but trying to replace power bank with phone battery is not ideal.

Also using a low voltage to charge a smartphone can also cause battery problem, some times, for the beginners the joy of buying a new smartphone there might be tempted to use the phone without charging to maximum time written in the phone manual. With this you can introduce the use of power bank as the only remedy to solve their battery problem, but normally, if you buy a smartphone and followed the guiding principle in the owners manual you will really enjoyed your smartphone battery for a longer period of time.

Giving out your smartphone charger, it also contribute to battery issues you have been complaining. Every smartphone comes with his own original charger, but when not taking good care of it lost it value. In this case people bring in power bank as the only way to solve their battery issues, also if your charging port is bad try as much as possible to fixed it, because you can be charging your smartphone for 2,3 hours but the battery is not lasting up to the hour, locate a phone repairer in you environment he will help fixed any issues that your smartphone is facing, don’t bring the idea of using power bank as the only way out.


With this article you will understand the risks involve between smartphone and power bank, power bank is not a lasting solution to solve battery problems. Always do the needful at all time, it will enable you save some cash for a rainy day, power bank can only help you for emergency not using it as phone battery. Some people have this habit of plugin their smartphone steady on power bank even when their working on the street.



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