Simple Tips To Improved Your Laptop Computer Battery

By Ezekiel Abang,

Many computers users are complaining of battery issues in their laptop computer but there don’t really understand the way is works everything in this life is not just by luck it all depend on how you see it you cant buy a 4th hand laptop and expect the battery to as strong as 2nd hand even London use many of us had fall a victim of such circumstance it might be through a friend or online in this article we are going to tell you how you can improved the battery life of your laptop computer.

1. Battery:


3. Screen:

4. Unable to connect to internet:

5. Bad charger:

6. Turn off WI-fi and Bluetooth:

7. Turn down screen brightness:

8. Enough ram:

9. Out of hot and cool:

10. Activate battery saver:

1. Battery: this one the most important part of laptop computer that will keep you attracted to a particular laptop computer without which you will be plugin your laptop computer in a constant power supply while using which it is not really healthy for the system,some laptop computer battery can last for over 6hurs if well charge but it also depend on the particular laptop computer you have,unlike Dell is a kind of laptop computer that if you handle it well it will hardly give you issues,maintenance most times make a laptop computer battery to last longer.

2. Keyboard: i will still emphasize on Dell laptop computer because it can never compromise it standard like some laptop computer barely few month of purchasing you will start discovering some difficulties in typing because of the bad keyboard on the laptop computer so as such you will need to change it or external keyboard.

3. Screen: screen is also enabling you to gain direct view to the laptop computer so in keeping your laptop computer save don’t play love with it with your children always keep it out of reach of harmful substance like breakable bottles sharp object a drop of water with this it will enable your laptop computer to serve you longer and better.

4. Unable to connect to internet: in most cases you can keep your wifi on unknown to you but along the line you find out that with this your battery life is at risks for your battery to be in a good condition always all these things must be checked WiFi and Bluetooth also drain battery.

5. Bad charger: bad charger can also cause your laptop battery to drain fast more than necessary depending on the type of laptop computer that you are using i will advise you look for a good charger and buy with that your laptop computer will serve you better.

6. Turn off WI-fi and Bluetooth: reasons why most laptop user find it difficult to connect their laptop computer to the internet it might that the laptop browser have been was not installed so in such cases you need to contact a specialist to assist you fixed it so you can start enjoying you laptop computer.

7. Turn down screen brightness: if you really want your laptop computer battery to last loner for you, you must learn to apply these tips it really helps.

8. Enough ram: for your laptop computer to have a enough ram it is for your own good because it will really assist your laptop computer not to harking and slow in browsing it helps you to store more applications more document of you company.

9. Out of hot and cool: try at all cost to keep your laptop computer out of cool place water can damage your system in a seconds and too much hot environment can spoil the system to, so it certain you keep to this tip for a healthy laptop.

10. Activate battery saver: yes oh, with this your laptop computer battery will last longer for you,you wont think buying another if you maintain these tips battery saver is very essential it help the battery life to be prolong.


Normally, it is good to keep to instructions for a better society when you apply all these tips as a laptop computer owner, you will attest to it that is very helpful learn to preserve what you have for a better future.



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