How To Maintain My Smartphone Battery

By Ezekiel Abang,

Time before now smartphone users do take caution on how and when to charge their smartphone, but now people have the habit of leaven their smartphone in constant power supply and slept off. Thinking that maybe it is a good thing to the phone itself, but not knowing that there are damaging the battery life of that phone. so many people don’t really no when to charge their phone. It is always advisable to charge your phone when the battery is at 15% or even 10%, also avoid operating the phone while charging with this your battery will serve you better and longer.

It very obvious that some smartphone user don’t really care about their smartphone battery, if mishandle, the phone battery is faulty, there will put the blame on the manufacture, now it is very certain that android does not build in any features to know if your battery life is healthy or not. there are some steps you can take, to know if your battery is healthy or not.

How to keep a healthy battery:

1. Charge the phone only when is 20% down: don’t charge your smartphone anyhow, it could cause the battery issues that you are facing.

2. Uninstalled some of the unwanted apps: If you notice some apps in your phone are not useful, uninstalled them, because unwanted apps can cause fast battery drainage to.

3. Remove any hungry apps: Talking about hungry app, there some apps in your phone that is not necessary to have in a smartphone, such app should be deleted.

4. Avoid charting when the phone is charging: Sometimes we do avoid reading the phone manual before start using the phone, some people consider it as waste of time, most of these things are there in a phone manual, it’s wrong for to finger your phone while it charging.

5. Learn to use the original charger as directed by the manufacturer: A single mistake can cause you a lone time pains, for example, you’re using an itel phone, maybe your charger is bad, instead of you buying the same itel charger, you went and buy infinix charger, what if the charger capacity is bigger or smaller than that of itel phone.?

6. Always off your mobile data and WiFi while charging your phone: For effective and save charging don’t always allow your data on while charging your smartphone.

When you buy a new smartphone, always study the manual very well, it will guide you on how to use your phone, when to charge the phone, and when not to charge. Remember it is not all electric current you can charge your phone, because bad current can damage your battery life.


In this very article you have see, and understand how healthy your phone battery is. For a loner period of time, learn not to charge your smartphone at random, only when is necessary. So you can have your phone battery intact with your phone, some people are buying phone every 3 months, not just because the really have so much money but simple because there is no ability to maintain their smartphone batter. You have a good battery your smartphone will be very sweet for you to handle, but when the battery is not strong enough you will be going along with charger even in the church looking for where to power your phone.



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