Need Of Laptop Computers In Our Society

By Ezekiel Abang,

It is no longer news that you can do so many research with your laptop computer, you can use your laptop computer to browse the internet to get latest information. Actually your laptop can solve so many academic problems as a student, and it serve as a learning tools while in school. A process whereby you can learn website design and begins to design various websites for companies, individuals, organizations, etc. Yes, this is one of the most important way laptop can feat in all quarters of our daily life.

All the same now, we are in the 21 century where everything is now done digitally, not analog so laptop computer have really create a very important impact in our dear country Nigeria, so many uncountable business now use laptop computer it valuable in almost all the sector in the country.

Below are the area to which laptop are very needful in Nigeria

1. Education; In educational sector laptop computer play a very vital rules, it enable students improve their academic performance, it make students have access to online class with their lecturer, lecturers now save the students data on their laptop computer.

2. Business sector; Large and medium business now have laptop computer in their shops and offices it enable the director monitor their business even when there not around, business are been recorded both physical and online, transactions are been save in their laptop computer.

3.Government; Currently now, government use laptop computer to run the affairs of the country to enable transparency and accountability, no much pepper work as before. It really encourage the citizen to trust their leaders in their various country.

4. Hospitals: if there any sectors that need laptop computer most is medical center, reasons been that, life is involved and the government need to put all the required equipment in place. Laptop computer is needed in hospital to keep patience data, laptop computer helps doctors to know if there is any surgical equipment that is infected, it helps to carry out scan of different categories.

5. Big cathedrals: many churches today have large populations, imagine a church that have about 5,0000, members in attendance just in one service, and there is only one minister, ministering at a time, people at the extreme end might not be able to hear or see the preacher. However, laptop computer and projector will play a good role, by projecting the preacher to the view of other at the extreme end.

There are many uncountable area that laptop computer function, fashion and designers use laptop computer to check styles of cloth that will fits their customer.


Laptop has really reduce our daily stress in so many areas, whereby, one can reach out to his or her office maybe through mail sending or online communication. Every day that passes technology is improving life reducing the high rate of stress in our society, making people to see the need of having laptop, with the few tips listed above you will understand a little, and the need of having laptop computer around you as an individual, as well as companies.



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