Why Is Phone Necessary In Business Sector?

By Ezekiel Abang,




Talking about business, technology has really come to play a very crucial role in business sector, Business people make sells online at ease. Sometimes through video calls, snapping of items sending it through WhatsApps to their buyers or seller, online communication, etc. Phone is very necessary in business sector because it enable them to do so many transaction online, before now, a trader will stress himself traveling to where he can purchase his goods in large quantities, some times is very risky for them because of rubbers on the road, unlucky for you, you can meet them on your way back, any thing can happen who knows. That’s why i want to focus on the necessity of phone in business sector in this very article.

We will be discussing on the areas to which business people can sell or buy product with smartphone online.

Below are the few points listed

1. Marketing:

2. Online service:

3. Radio:

4. Newspaper:

5. Handbill:

6. Facebook:

7. Taking of inventory:

1. Marketing: This area is very important in business, it enable business owner advertised their products, through radio, television, Facebook, etc.

2. Online: business excel online even more than one and sells, why because there are so many population online, people are looking for what to buy, and those who have good to sell, there you can make customers, provided your products are original.

3. Radio: This is consider as a means of advertisement, where you visit a radio station pay them some cash give them the name of your products, including the details of your business location and phone number. It is their duty to always go on air and tell the people about your product, any interested buyer will locate the address provided, with this you will make more sells than before.

4. Newspaper: newspaper is also another means of telling people more about your product, it enable you make sells out side you business zone.

5. Handbill: handbill also enable you advertise your business, but it doesn’t go far it will be around your locality.

6. Facebook: Facebook is the fastest means of advertisement because of the numbers of people using it, if it might interest you to know, Facebook is all over the glob. The sweetest thing about Facebook is, you don’t pay before you advertised your products, you only need data in your smartphone.

6. Promoting of their products: many shops owner do not have enough customer, even after do their marketing, but if you take inventory of your products and post it online, who soever that is interested will locate your shop.

7. Taking of inventory: Smartphone came in as another means of book keeping, in olden days time business people do use exercise book to keep record of their sells every day, business as really improved, technology have increase the ideas of people using phone in their shop for inventory.


Constant using of smartphone in business will increase business standard, you easily access what you want and place order, you don’t need to move to the open market before you can buy anything of your choice.



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