The Role Of Computer In Hospitals

By Ezekiel Abang,

In the world of today computer has come to play a very functional role in our society, so many sectors now embrace the use of laptop computer unlike those days, hospitals do fine it difficult to do some research when it comes to clinic matters. But now laptop computer really helps so many hospitals to do their research even at the comfort of their office.

Laptop Computers play a very vital role in our life, activities and making our day-to-day tasks efficient. In the olden days times, computers were only used to perform minor calculations, but they have reached too far and now perform many different tasks, Now computers are performing difference set of functions from minor calculations to generating hospital tasks, more development to entertainment industry, business sector, government use etc.

I am going to disclose to you the common uses of laptop computers in hospitals. below you can see the uses of laptop computer in hospitals,

Computers play a crucial role in the health and medical sectors. In health care, it enabled hospitals to maintain a record of their millions of patients in order to contact them for treatment whenever need arise, or related to their appointment, medicine updates, in a particular time.

In hospitals sector laptop computers are functional use for changing the diagnosis methods. In hospitals, laptop computers are used for various tasks such as maintaining the information of patients, records, live monitoring of patients, X-rays, and many more. In hospitals, computers are also helpful to configure lab-tools, monitoring the blood pressure and heart rate, etc. Computers are advantageous as they enable doctors to exchange the data of patients easily with other medical specialists. Advanced surgical devices are based on robotics that helps surgeons to remotely conduct surgeries and complex operations.

Let’s discuss the common uses of computers in hospital

1. Medical and patience data

A laptop computer keeps patient details save, secure, and easily attainable. when emergency required medical worker requires quick access of patient chronicle, In this situation, finding a patient’s data file in the cabinet could be a wastes of time to life. Some of the hospital staff might be in shifts, just maybe one of them can misplace a file that belong to MR A to MR B, such complicated issues was very common, but now, through the laptop computer such errors had repeat itself.

1. Monitor patient

Computers in hospitals are also used to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and other critical medical equipment. The computer monitoring system also collects useful data from patients. This data can be accessed for future reference or can be further used for studies,

2. Research and studies

Introducing laptop into medical sector has really enhancing healthcare, doctors can consult with medical expatriate to find alleviate to a particular disease, and also to learn more about a particular infection.
The presence of a computer in has given more knowledge to both doctors and nurses, when medical personnel meet together the know, and discus on important issues affecting the hospitals the MD might not be there, but he she can be communicated after the meeting, maybe through email.

4. Inventory

Medical staff need to know more about the drugs available, this can be done with laptop computer without going to check on the drugs physical, It is very necessary to keep an inventory list, because a doctor can prescribe drugs to a patient, without him knowing if that particular drugs is not in stuck. Meanwhile, lack of inventory can cause slowdown in medical sector. is very important for health clinics, hospitals, and chemist to always keep record of available stuck. Hence computer enable inventory manager to know and calculate the level of drugs.

5.Laptop Computers for surgical procedures</strong

Time has really proven that technology is improving life in our various area, people now find it loving going to hospital when there are sick, surgery is very mile now with the way doctors operate, surgical equipment are been treated before and after used.


In healthcare sector laptop computer play a very good role in the life of patient and even the staff as well, it create good environment for workers attaining to their patient, it save a whole lot of money and life, laptop computer enable doctors carryout operation at ease.



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