The Effect Of Laptop Computers In Universities

By Ezekiel Abang,

In the early 1980 universities was unable to save student information in the internet because the use of laptop computer was not as rampart as today, then universities were doing paper work of which it was not very helpful when it comes to data of the students. That was why many school as at that time were unable to give vital information of their students, if weather there are regular student or not, and also communication was lacking between the lecturers and the students, there were unable to communicate with their student online, like having class through zoom meetings.

Below are the various ways to which laptop computer added more vital effect on students.

1. Its enable the school authority to have the real information of their students: keeping student information on paper can be very risky, why because many student can give you wrong information and there might be no way to locate them, but through the use of laptop computer, you can know the authentic information of such students.

2. Its encourage e learning: not all lecturers will have time to organize visual classes with their student, so instead of rendering unnecessary excuse he or she can call on his students to come online, and the class will begins.

3. its added more advantage to students: a student who have a personal laptop computer will always feel a good sense of belonging because, it will encourage others who do not have laptop computer to become their friends.

4. its serve as a study materials: most students this day use laptop computer to study, its really helping them to acquired more knowledge.

5. Its encourage the school to save students academic record: laptop computer encourage school authority to keep and save the scores of each student in a academic section.

But now laptop computer make it very easy and less stress for universities to save the students information online even with their result, laptop computers helps the universities to make some online research, it can also helps the lecturers to gain more knowledge about a particular course he or she is lecturing as well as student to study hard for their academic attainment,

Laptop computers really create a very big impact in the educational sector through laptop computers lecture can write their books and type them, then print them out and even sell them to student, student can stay in their respective home and attend classes online, even make more research on any pressing course he or she is facing. Many students today use laptop computers as their note book, the save their work, unlike our fathers day that there always go to school with cardboard for writing.


With this article you will see the effect of laptop computers in universities,in our fathers days going to school was somehow difficult and challenging because of the hard way of learning. However, now every child happily want to go to school, why because of the modern way of learning and everything now in educational sector is very easy and accessible. Apart from the school fee, average student in universities can now operate laptop computer because of the little knowledge acquired in school.



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