How Does Computer Affect Nigeria Positively

By Ezekiel Abang,

ICT application and it use has really proven beneficial in improving Nigeria educational system and given student a better quality education, through the help of ICT lawyer and students can now have access to current information court proceedings and cases lawyers can report anywhere any time,Nigeria like most developed country we are very poor when it come to to current information, the sparsity of published current information is particularly acute in the informatics area, which is still in the infancy ideally this poor report should have been base on a recent Nationwide survey.

But such a survey should not be underestimated for lack of time and other resource computer have change the way that the world works in many ways some of these change are positive and some of this change had add negative effect on our lives, from an industrial standpoint most of these change have very helpful to so many business and even government establishment private business economy even in the medical sector computer had create so many impact in different area,ranging from the way appointment are made to the carrying of every day activities.

The biggest and the easiest seen change that computers have had on today’s society can be seen in the workplace, before computer became an office tools and were made available to average employee, paperwork and sharing information in an office setting was done by many different individuals constantly filing and looking up figures, now computer can store large amount of information that is readily available to virtually anyone with the click of mouse button,some person now can easily complete a job that was hard to complete through the help of computer.

Computer have made file cabinet and libraries almost obsolete, business can share information nationwide even worldwide in just a matter of a second for example a world document file can be send from an office in UAE to Nigeria under a minutes, in the past this same information could have taken a week or two to be sent through the email,but now computer have change the way that information can be shared very fast,on an assemble line before computer job, no matter how easy or difficult had to be done by an employee,now however,computer run machines and do most of these tasks.

Another big advantage that computer create in Nigeria, computer made it easy for schools to save data of their student,information for future use,it was very difficult for establishment school hospitals to save people data, except through paperwork,most school do have issues in misplacing student details or information,but with the help of computer so many works can be reviewed,computer make it possible to track criminals by monitoring their location,through computer online class are very easy so many business meetings can be hold through zoom unlike before that people always travel for business meetings,computer also makes people to stand a chance of more opportunities in internet people are not boring like before,today average company and private establishment are now make good use of computer,


From the above explanation you will understand with me that computer have really affected Nigeria positively,it helps school to have correct data of their student it help government to rule it citizen at the comfort of their zone,it helps hospitals to keep the correct details of children, but the disadvantage is that is make some of our young generation to behave somehow some student don’t longer take their studies seriously s0me lazy once venture into fraudulent act.



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