Importance Of Phone In Nigeria

By, Ezekiel Abang


Phone was introduce to Nigerians on early 2001, when chief olusegun obasenjo was the then president of Nigeria. The society had its first feel of mobile telephone in the country interestingly the global system for mobile communication G S M is almost in it 21th year in Nigeria by 28 April 2022, chief olusegun obasenjo brought about the use of G S M into the country, and he has create a big history in the country. He shall for ever be remember because of that single act.

The benefits of G S M, business are being enjoyed by almost every one where most people are now working with network providers, like MTN, Airtel, Glo, Etisalat. Most of these employer wouldn’t have gain this opportunities if otherwise, through the use of telephone in Nigeria. And its network provider have employed over 1 thousand people especially Mtn Nigeria, with the use of telephone mtn have emerge as the leading network provider in the world at large.

Most business in Nigeria are been sustain through the use of phone. it really helps people to move from one place to another within few second provided,when smartphone was introduce in Nigeria so many people find it very difficult to purchase one, simply because it was very costly, but now even a 2 years old child have phone and it makes communication very simple and easy.

GSM really help so many family to find their daily bread because through the help of phone repairer, for as long as phone is a electronic device it will surely have fault one day and you will need to fixed it for communication sake,

Below are the advantage of gsm

1. It helps to communicate easily:

2. It helps so many business in the country locate their customers:

3. It helps to promote communication:

4. It helps to eradicate poverty in the country:

5. It helps to promote social communication and economy:

6. It helps to access internet:

As at early 1980 people find it difficult to communicate, only the help of letter writing was available. The Nigeria telecommunication history started from the era of colonial master in 1886 where telegraphic submarine cable line were laid by the British firm. Cable wire ltd connected from London to Lagos.

Now an average Nigerian can not live without phone because phone brought the easiest way of communication in the country. And mostly, people are making online research to solve their outstanding business challenges, due to some various business that can be done without shop. If need arise phone can help you find your missing location to your destination.

So many technological advantage did not impact so much on our society, due to lack of constant communication however, with the introduction of phone it really enable one to browse event at the comfort of our home without going to cyber cafes. with the democratization of the internet, the Nigerian young population had access to the world concept , and people started understanding the possibilities that technology has introduce in the continent of Africa and Nigeria, so many youths in Nigeria took the advantage of technology to solve many problem that were facing them in the country.


Above listed is the major usefulness of phone in Nigeria without which communication would have be very difficult in our dear society, from the era we were using posting of letters as our immediate source of communication through the help of post office, but now you will strongly agree with me that, there is a great change in telecommunication system. Since we embrace the use of phone in Nigeria we can now see that, even our student while in school there fine it easy to communicate with their parents.



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