Risks In Buying Used Laptop Computer In Nigeria



Second hand laptop computer is a computer that has already been used by someone else, maybe he or she just discover that, the laptop is given him some issues and he now decided to sell it out, or he want an urgent money to solve some immediate need, Sometimes it could be that the laptop have no fault but since is a used one the buyer can think otherwise, but come to think of it, is it really advisable for someone to buy a used laptop computer?, we will understand as we proceed.

These Are The Reasons That Can Make people Sell their laptop Computer very cheap.

1. Battery Problem:

2. Need Of Cash:

3. Slow In Browsing:

4. Security Risk:

5. Virus:

6. It Might Be Stolen:

7. Screen Problem:

8. Software Problem:

9. Unable to accept C D:

1. Battery problem: the owner owner of this particular laptop computer can decide to sell out his or her computer simply because it given him issues on battery,to some there can be sincere with you by telling you the truth about the battery fault, which it will really enable you to go directly into buying a new battery luckily for you, you can fine a good one,and by so doing it could really help you find a lasting solution to the laptop computer.

2. Need of cash: the owner of the laptop computer might be facing some financial challenge and the only option he have is to sell out this laptop computer it maybe the laptop was not given him any fault but since he need money to solve immediate need,and the buy might also be luck to seen a good laptop like this to buy.

3. Slow in browsing: some outdated laptop computer can be slow in browsing or through the network provider the owner might find it difficult to tell the buyer because the fear of the buyer not buying if he should no the truth about the conditions of this particular laptop computer.

4. Security risks : buying a used laptop computer can be very risky why because of the cyber crime going in the world today,some internet fraudsters can bring a laptop for you to buy unknown to that it was a stolen laptop,and the risk there is that you can be track through that laptop and it might not end you well.

5. Virus: virus is a chronic disease that have the ability to infect you laptop computer, it can cause the laptop to malfunction it can also damage your software,so in this case using you anti virus software and anti malware program to review treat and take any action that you could, your software should guide you through this, mostly some people can decide to sell their laptop computer just because of this very virus.

6. It might be a stolen property : buying a used laptop computer can change your life positively and it can also land you in a place you did expect, although it depend on who is the owner of the laptop computer so is advisable you consider these factor before buying a used laptop computer.

7. screen: if your laptop computer is not showing anything on the screen or the screen is not displaying anything image, this steps can help you review what the real problems is, if you see a screen or a rainbow colors this could mean the video card in the laptop is defective, this can cause the video card to be replace by ab authorized computer repair.

8. Software: software is a set of computer program and associated documentation and data,software is program and routines it really helps the laptop computer to work accurately it help the system not to malfunction.

9. Unable to accept C D: cause and solution when failing to access data on CD or DVD.

a. damage CD or DVD, as we all know that storage device have all their lifespan.
b. incompatible issues
c. connection issues
d. corrupt CD or DVD
e. files are hidden
f. virus infection
g. unable to read CD or DVD
h. the DVD or the CD might not display or read on the system


buying a used laptop computer is risky because you might not know what if the laptop computer is faulty or not because the owner might not really be open to to,as it is listen above the risk involve and the damage you can cause yourself at the end of the day,so think twice before you buy a used laptop computer.



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