Most Used Phones Brands In Nigeria

By Eyo Nse,

In the early 2000’s, android phones started debuting in the Nigerian phone market which came with few products. But, as the year rolled more brands were embraced in the country.

Most Used Phones Brands In Nigeria

Nigerians were able to use 2G and 3G network comfortably during its early days with Android devices.

Symbian phones like Nokia E5, E3, E63, C5, etc were dieing off due to its outdated software.

Some of these brands were; Tecno, Infinix, Itel, HTC and Fero.

Below are the brands you need to know;

1. Nokia: Nokia was rated as one of the best brands in Nigeria. This is due to its quality products, low price rates, juicy specs, among others.

2. Tecno: This phone brand was one of the first to hit the Nigerian phone market. Tecno brand was able to give low price phones which helped in its marketing.

3. Infinix: The Infinix brand came in to the Nigerian market with a dufferent. Its different was it phones specs such as battery life and graphic.

4. Itel: Itel brand came in with a low price rates just like Tecno brands.

5. HTC: HTC came in to Nigeria as a top brand due to his high quality products. Its products came in majority as second-hand used.

6. Fero: Fero was introduced into the Nigerian market with low price products just like Tecno and Itel. Its products was a definition of quality and durability.

7. Samsung: Samsung products came into Nigeria as a strong brand. Its favour came from its graphic and low price rates.

Other brands include:

8. Gionee: This brand is one of the most sorted after phone brand in the country.

9. Huawei: This brand is known for its durability and quality display (graphic), that is why it is one of the most trending phone brand in Nigeria.

10. Bird: This is one of the oldest brand in the country. That is why Nigerians will never forget this brand.

11. Blackberry: Before this brand fade off from the phone world. It was one of the early phone brand in Nigeria.



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